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134 high quality paper pages provide an insight to the psych of girls who were born after the 1990’s and who are currently going through the process of growing up.

♥ Everyday girls in their rooms  ♥ Virginity stories ♥ Teen idol shrines  ♥ Thinking pieces  ♥ photo editorials   ♥ girl illustrations  ♥stickers




take it as it comes


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The first GIRL.IS.A.GUN issue deals with the theme of virginity and the idea of growing up. It acts as a shrine to teen-hood and as an ode to a modern type of a constantly evolving girlhood. The words and the images are a sample of a raw exploration of the girl psych of our generation; a generation characterised by an alloy of pop references, a generation of girls that conceive love and sex as a particular type of activity, a generation of unprocessed sexuality and romantic mentality. GIRL.IS.A.GUN starts an open discussion on girlhood, feminism, cultural influences and social phenomenons that make-up today’s youth culture.

(model: Aphrodite Sakka)