THE HEARTACHE ISSUE LAUNCH PARTY ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10th IN ATHENS💃🏾🇬🇷 come at @youarebud, take a look at the mag, watch our new short film, have drinks and dance ✔️

“Beauty” is a currency system just like the gold standard, an economy based on politics. Beauty creates this modern physical hierarchy that seems to concern mainly women. Why do we call make-up “BEAUTY”. There is this something about “beauty” that seems to be about the female #FACE. The eyes, the mouth, the skin. Given that we live around a 33 billion dollar diet industry and a 20 dollar billion industry could we refer to such a thing as skin standard of discrimination were we use #BEAUTY products to cover what is -still in 2017- marketed as “imperfections” in order to fit in and progress?#beautyindustry #makeup #skincare